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A comprehensive quality assurance solution for standalone assembly stations. Easy-to-use operator guidance, tightening data recording, traceability, error proofing verification of parts and products, product repair, and prototype assembly.

SQS guides operators through the assembly process leaving no room for error or oversight. It is capable of managing the assembly process of many different products or variations of products and is ideally suited for subassembly stations, backup stations, and repair areas. Moreover, we offer an industrial PC (HMI) with wide communication skills, which is vital in any industrial environment.

Functions of the Single Quality Solution
Operator identification
Part verification
Part verification
Visual operator guidance
Basic Pick-to-light
Digital IO capability
Real-time torque control and data collection

Ideal application

Standalone production station
Standalone repair station
Training station
Prototype assembly station


Customized software projects

Our team is highly competent to handle complex software projects including network solution, ERP system connection, etc.

Contact Zoltán Németh or your sales representative for aligment of your needs and your product specification.




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