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Automatized manufacturing process where material and production line communicate with each other. This is how the industry’s nearest future may look like. Industry 4.0 in Europe, Industry 2025 in China and Industrial Internet of Things in the USA – all of the 3 concepts refer to the same method of using modern communication technologies in production. In Atlas Copco, we call this emerging technology Smart Connected Assembly, utilizing 15 years of our experience with the development and know-how for this new way of communication.

The target is to implement electronically controlled and operated production in 4 out of 5 companies within five years. This will help increase the productivity by up to 30 per cent as experts expect. Altas Copco now offer a competitive edge to their customers. They present the “Smart Connected Assembly” already in 2017, a unique system to connect all processes on the line. Also, individual solutions used by the client in the production are integrated in a single shared network. The system generated data will then allow both individual activities and processes to be improved.

A complete portfolio of tools and control systems

Owing to their intensive research and development, Atlas Copco has knowledge, experience, technology and comprehensive product range necessary to design the connected solutions of individual production processes and begin with their integration in customer systems. “We have succeeded in developing a complex system which meets the Industry 4.0 requirements. Also, we are the only to have a unique portfolio of devices capable of being interconnected,” says Josef Grochovsky. This includes everything from a production line setup over software, tool controls up to manufacturing fault fixing. “We have a wide range of control units and tools as well as products for data analysis.

Many manufacturing companies are implementing smart devices in their production lines now with the help of Atlas Copco. This allows them to use all possibilities offered by modern technologies. Their productivity is growing. “We are already co-operating with many customers on connecting their production processes and we contribute to many production upgrading processes,” says Josef Grochovský. He adds that Atlas Copco’s big advantage is their efficient business, project and service structure worldwide.

The future has already started

Atlas Copco’s development will continue. “We have laid down the basis. But we must also continue with the research of new concepts. Invest in the digitalization of the systems we offer our customers as well as in our services,” explains Josef Grochovsky. For the revolution covers more than production. It is necessary that all current and future Atlas Copco services should meet the Industry 4.0 revolution. An example may be shifting from conventional preventive maintenance to smart predictive maintenance which will be based on tracking optimized production conditions and automatic control of service and maintenance.

Also, this will increase the pressure on the co-operation of individual business partners. “We must closely co-operate with other contractors on the development of fully integrated solutions that our customers will need in their smart factories,” Josef Grochovsky reminds. In this way, connected systems will go beyond a company’s boundaries and allow all production chain elements to communicate with one another – from a product’s development over production and control up to purchase, service and other related services.

Atlas Copco started with the inter-branch communication right in their place. The Smart Connected Assembly is an joint project for the customers of all business lines within Industrial Technique. And this will become a platform for all future products. Experts estimate that 6 billion things will already be interconnected next year worldwide.




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