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Discover the world’s most powerful tool due to its size. We are launching the new LSV39 that will replace the outdated LSV38.

The Game changing LSV39 will re-write the industry standards. We made the impossible possible and designed the most powerful vane grinder for its size in the market. With the incredible 1,8 kW, in a small size, we are stepping up the game and allowing our customers to be even more productive.

More power – more productivity

Atlas Copco’s LSV 39 provides over 50% higher output than other grinders in the market, and it is the most powerful grinder in its size. Compared to the outdated LSV38, it will increase your productivity by up to 20%. It almost does the job for you!

Longer service life

The new, extra durable angle gear requires even less maintenance than its predecessor, providing you with many years of excellent service. All 39-series angle grinders and sanders are provided with sealed angle heads ensuring long maintenance intervals.

Less strain on the operator

Greatest ergonomics is synonymous with 39-series. Auto-balancer is a part of all LSV39 series as a standard piece of equipment!







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