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  • ResultScan
  • Clamping force measurement
  • ToolCover


ResultScan reduces the risk of sending defective products to our customers. Thereby, it decreases the costs of warranty, rework and recall. It identifies the optimal monitoring limits of your application. Setting these limits enables you to identify cross threading, material problems and operational errors before the customer does


Clamping force measurement

Measuring clamping force is a combination of using advanced equipment and many years of experience. The equipment can measure the clamping force but our experience can help us solve underlying problems. The ultrasonic measurement techniques are the most advanced in the market. Take the opportunity to discuss your processes of tightening with us and get the latest knowledge
in the field of tightening from our specialized production optimization team.



ToolCover maintenance solutions help you optimize performance and gain efficiencies in your production while minimizing your tool costs and production risks. With a modular set of products, ToolCover is designed to meet your specific needs and tool usage. ToolCover solutions are always:

  • reducing Maintenance & Repair time,
  • built on global best practice processes and service certificates,
  • offered with a fixed Preventive Maintenance cost.


ToolCover Protect ToolCover Stability ToolCover Uptime

ToolCover Protect offers a yearly Preventive Maintenance and calibration contract with extended warranty, spare parts discount and basic KPI reports to highlight product deficiencies – all at a fixed price per tool and per year.

ToolCover Stability is a full service model including all Preventive Maintenance, repairs, spare parts and warranty as well as Optimized maintenance – all at a fixed total cost during the contract period.

ToolCover Uptime includes an on-site service engineer, real-time Preventive Maintenance optimization and workshop repair as well as all benefits of the Stability and Protect packages.

With ToolCover Uptime, we take care of all tool needs and offer productivity improvements on site in real-time – all at a fixed total cost during the contract period. No two customers’ needs are the same, and like all other ToolCover products, Uptime is further tailorable towards our customers’ specific situation.


For more information contact your responsible sales engineer or send us an email to productivity@cz.atlascopco.com.




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