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The new Euro 6 emission standards triggered a series of changes, which led the truck maker MAN to the replace tools. Instead of pneumatic LTV nutrunners the Polish MAN Trucks production plant uses the PowerMACS system with QST spindles. “Once again, we satisfied ourselves that the choice of higher investment at the beginning pays off for the client. It made returns on investment in a very short time and the quality of assembly is suddenly much higher,” as Radoslaw Opoka of Atlas Copco describes the experience with the car maker.

In the production hall in the Polish town of Niepołomice they can produce almost seventy MAN trucks during one shift. However, production was complicated due to the more stringent Euro 6 standards and it was necessary to enlarge the engine. “Up to then we had used pneumatic LTV 58 nutrunners for assembly. With them operators were able to tighten all the four required joints without problem, “ says Jarosław Marcinek of the MAN Trucks company, whereas they always worked with just one tightening torque (320 Nm). “However, with the new engine the number of joints increased to six. There are also now two torques at once, 350 and 540 Nm,” as Jarosław Marcinek describes the changes. The biggest problem, however, was the very complicated access to the bolts due to the engine enlargement.

“The client was looking for a solution to deal with all the joints and to simultaneously choose the correct tightening program,” explains Radoslaw Opoka, who was in charge of the project at Atlas Copco. Another requirement arising in the context of the new European standards was the need to archive all results and the possibility of printing records from each joint.

In the end the Atlas Copco team recommended a solution based on the PowerMACS system with QST spindles to the Polish car maker.

“We fitted these electric tightening spindles with a special Luebbering head, which was made-to-measure for the Polish car maker. We added hardware to the system, which allows the client to conveniently print labels with information on tightening,” says Opoka.

The selected QST series fixed spindles excel in durability, performance and reliability. “It’s one of the most precise nutrunners on the market,” explains Opoka and the client confirms this: “Tightening precision increased instantly. After hundreds of initial tightened joints, the quality department confirmed to us that we had achieved precision of 7 % compared to 15 %.

Another advantage of the chosen solution was the practicality of the QST spindles. It is a compact device that integrates easily into the given operating conditions. Thanks to it, the staff at MAN Trucks get to previously inaccessible joints simply.

The wide torque range easily covers the two necessary joints that the technician must count on. The head selector ensures the correctly chosen tightening strategy, so the operator’s work is made simple. The PowerMACS Control system then stores information about the tightening







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