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Cyril Eštok, General Manager

Dear readers,
Greetings from this new issue of Productivity magazine. As always, this magazine sums up the most important issues moving our company. It takes us to new places, informs us about projects that our colleagues from the sales or service departments spend most of their working hours on and passes on the views and impressions of some of our customers. As always, it demonstrates interesting solutions, unconventional assembly methods as well as challenges that await us in the upcoming months and years. Productivity, is quite simply an instant package of information thanks to which all of us will have a complete understanding about how our company is doing. And thanks to it, we are able to more easily keep pace with Atlas Copco. 

The fact is that our company is striving forward. It welcomes new challenges and is not afraid to be the first in innovation. Of course, there are plenty such companies out there. Young, hungry startups with boundless ambition. However, Atlas Copco’s age ranks it amongst the seniors! The start of this year saw us celebrate our 144th anniversary! Atlas Copco also used to be a young hungry company. But that was at the time when Franz Joseph I. reigned in this part of the world, women wore crinolines and the world was just becoming acquainted with an innovation called the “telephone”. Now, almost one hundred and fifty years later, Atlas Copco is still standing strong at the top. Still full of strength and energy, but only considerably more experienced.

The Swedish founder of our company, André Oscar Wallenberg would most certainly be fascinated by the vision of smart factories of the future. The world has been talking about them for several years, and now thanks to Atlas Copco they are literally within reach. With the new Smart Connected Assembly concept we are able to modernise our client’s equipment and automate their production processes to ensure they remain ahead of their competition.

Despite these approaching innovations fascinating all of us at Atlas Copco, we are nonetheless well aware of the fact that it may be quite challenging for many of our customers to imagine them. For this reason, we have sent out a specially outfitted truck. It is jam-packed with technologies and allows visitors to get a first-hand understanding of digitalisation and automation of production processes in practice. Within the scope of this Roadshow, over this year and the next, this truck will travel through the whole of Europe. It will be visiting Eastern Europe this year in autumn. And I believe, that you will not miss the opportunity to see it for yourself! I would recommend this unique personal interaction with the upcoming industrial revolution not only to our customers but also to all our employees.

And the fact remains that they are the ones with the lion’s share in the success of Atlas Copco. Probably nobody would now be able to calculate how many of them have passed through our gates over the decades that the company has been in business. Nevertheless, they have one thing in common – high professionalism. This has also been noticed in this edition’s interview by Ricardo Cano, our colleague who has worked in many countries and cooperated with various Atlas Copco teams all over the world. According to him, it is leading-edge expertise and enthusiasm for one’s work that forms the bond enabling smooth international cooperation and provides our company with a significant competitive advantage.

Before you plunge into reading, I would also like to mention the prepared spin off at our company. Atlas Copco will continue to be the brand for the manufacturing industry. The new entity under the name of Epiroc will cover the construction and marketing machinery market.

Enjoy your reading.


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